Announcing Then & Now

Then & Now scenes seem to be the popular thing nowadays, perhaps spurred on by the resurgence of interest in heritage.

I thought it would be interesting to view some of the scenes Stuart took as they look today so, for certain images, I've added a feature that allows fading between Stuart's shots and ones of a similar view that I've taken recently. These are a mixed bag - in some cases it's difficult to recreate Stuart's original view-point, he seemingly took a lot of shots from a very high position, perhaps on some kind of platform, and in some cases modern developments present other challenges in finding or getting to the right spot. I have also not quite managed to narrow down the kind of focal length that he used, most of the pictures seem quite wide-angle but I can't quite get he persepctive right. More practise needed I think!

I'll be adding more views as and when I can, I already have a few more in the bag that need processing. In the meantime the existing images are all under the Then & Now tag.