More Photos

I've added a batch of 8 photos. all geocoded. That brings the total number of photos on the site to 58.

simon - 29 May 2011

Latest update

I've now geocoded most of the photos on the site with a latitude and longitude. Photos that have been geocoded will show a Google maps icon, clicking the icon will take you to the location of the photo on Google Maps.

I've also added the first in a series of 'Then and Now' stories. The intention of these stories is to take some of the best Stuart images and try to create a modern version of them. It's a real challenge to find the exact spot from which Stuart took his photos but the results are fascinating and really emphasise the changes of the last 100 years.

simon - 26 May 2011

New image and story added

I've uploaded a new image which is another version of this image.

I find the images on these cards particularly fascinating as they offer a unique view of old Southampton, the accompanying story gives a little detail of some of the most interesting elements.

I've also scanned and prepped a number more images ready for upload shortly.

Further work has gone into the development of the site; a number of bugs have been ironed out and I've added some code that highlights tags within the text of a story.

Simon - 22 May 2011

Email address fixed and links added!

I've just noticed that the email address I provided ( was not working. Apologies if you've attempted to use this and have received an error, please do resend the message.

I've also added a links page. If you would like me to add a link to your (related) site then please drop me a line.

Simon - 17 May 2011

Hello World!

The site is up and running - hooray!

As a history buff and IT geek looking for a project, I decided it would be a good idea to build a resource dedicated to depicting the work of Victorian/Edwardian photographer F.G.O. Stuart.

The site is broken into 3 main sections:

  • Photos: Scans of old postcards.
  • Stories: Stories will go into a bit more detail of the history depicted in the postcards scenes.
  • Tags: Each Photo and Story will be tagged with appropriate keywords, facilitating searching and browsing of the site.

The site has been launched with approx 50 images and a couple of stories. I have several hundred more images to scan and will be added more content to the site on a weekly basis; I will also update the rather rudimentary design (at least, that's the plan).

For those who are interested, this is my first ASP.Net project and has been built using version 4 of the .Net framework, jQuery, AJAX and the Entity Framework.

Simon - 15 May 2011