Pictures of Stuart's Houses in Southampton

I am in the process of researching the life of F.G.O, Stuart and have expanded the biography page accordingly. Check it out for pictures of the houses that Stuart occupied during his time in Southampton. Sadly one of his properties was destroyed during the war but the others survive. I have discovered that Stuart occupied a building at Bedford place for several years before moving in to Cromwell Road. He also is listed at 'West Marlands' in the 1887 Steven's Street Directory but I have not discovered the exact location. Confusingly the 1887 Kelly's directory lists him at Cromwell Road so he can't have been at West Marlands for more than a few months. If you know any further details of this or anything else about Stuart, his business or any of his photographs then please let me know.

I have been using the excellent resources at PortCities to research this, as well as the special collections at Southampton Central Library.