This series of 12 decoratively framed cards features scenes of Southampton, Boscombe and Bournemouth. All the postmarks I have seen date from 1909, indicating a short run of cards issued in that year. The cards are all German printed (marked inside the postage stamp square), this seems to be the same style printing as the C.G. Roder cards. 'F.G.O. Stuart, Southampton' and the card number appear on the reverse. The Southampton cards seem to be more common than the others.

Number Title Added
  Boscombe Chine Boscombe Chine 12 October 2019
  Bournemouth From East Cliff Bournemouth From East Cliff 12 October 2019
  Bournemouth from West Cliff Bournemouth from West Cliff 20 October 2019
  Chine Bridge, Boscombe Chine Bridge, Boscombe 12 October 2019
  Netley Abbey Choir Netley Abbey Choir 12 October 2019
  Ornamental Lake, Southampton Ornamental Lake, Southampton 7 September 2014
  Pleasure Gardens, Bournemouth Pleasure Gardens, Bournemouth 12 October 2019
  The Avenue, Southampton The Avenue, Southampton 7 September 2014
  The Bargate, Southampton The Bargate, Southampton 28 June 2011
  The Pier, Boscombe The Pier, Boscombe 12 October 2019
  The Pier, Southampton The Pier, Southampton 29 September 2011
  The Western Shore, Southampton The Western Shore, Southampton 17 June 2017